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The Division: How to Get a Dog For Your Base


The Division: How to Get a Dog For Your Base

Who’s a good doggie?

The Division gives players their very own Base of Operations to manage and upgrade as they make their way through New York City. Three different wings offer various perks and abilities that will help to mold the Agents of The Division. As you upgrade these wings the appearance of your base will change as the city around it does. People will come to live there, soldiers and officers will get to work, the hospital will open up, and you’ll get an adorable little dog, well little probably isn’t the right word to use in this case.

the division dog 2

One of the upgrades available in the Security Wing is the Canine Unit (200 Supplies), which grants the Intel Discovery perk that is super useful for completionists. But, it also gets you the adorable dog pictured above.

Sure, you can’t take the dog with you anywhere. But, in the cold world of The Division, having man’s best friend waiting for you at your base isn’t too bad.

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