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The Division’s Best Base Upgrades You Should Get


The Division’s Best Base Upgrades You Should Get

Medical Wing

The Medical Wing upgrades are something you want to focus on if you plan on playing a lot of support or just being your party’s healer in The Division. Each of the upgrades unlocks Skills, Talents, and Perks that you can then utilize out in the field. The Medical Wing doesn’t have as many major upgrades that you should focus on when compared to the other Wings, but it isn’t to be overlooked either.

The ones you really should consider obtaining are:

  • Counseling (200 Supplies) – This upgrade is worth grabbing mainly for the Perk it unlocks: Credit. Enjoy a 10% increase in Credit gains.
  • Pharmacy (200 Supplies) – This particular Wing component has quite a few bonuses you’ll want. Battle Buddy is a Talent that reduces incoming damage after reviving an ally by 50%. Think of it like the overshield you get in Destiny after a revive. You also get the Rigger and Protective Measures Perks which grant you hourly Fabrics and an increase in Filter Level respectively.
  • Decontamination Unit (200 Supplies) – If you’re big on the Dark Zone, this will allow you to extract one extra item. That means fewer trips are necessary to claim and sift through your rewards. The Adrenaline Talent is nothing to scoff at either. If you use a Medkit while not having full health, you’ll gain extra health, letting you last a bit longer in a fire fight.
  • Quarantine (400 Supplies) – For starters, this upgrade unlocks the Tactical Scanner and Scrambler Pulse Mods. Do more damage against scanned opponents (useful always) or make yourself invisible to enemy scans (perfect for the Dark Zone). The Contamination Intel Perk reveals all contaminated areas on your map. Since these tend to house some really good gear, it’s good to be able to spot them.
  • Disaster Aid (1000 Supplies) – The Recovery Link Skill is the mother of all healing abilities. This skill heals, cures, and revives all allies nearby. On top of that, it can overheal players to provide a larger health bar.

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