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The Division Glitch Grants Infinite Crafting Materials


The Division Glitch Grants Infinite Crafting Materials

Well this didn’t take long.

It has only been a couple days since the release of The Division and already it looks like some crafty players have figured out how to exploit the game. Videos have been surfacing all over the internet including this one from the folks over at Xbox One UK, that purportedly shows them taking advantage of the main menu’s matchmaking system to infinitely respawn crafting material loot. Here’s how to do it according to Xbox One UK:

“It seems like a pretty easy exploit to do, find a box you want to loot, loot it. Go into the pause menu, group management, matchmaking and you can either use free roam or DZ. It will connect you to a random gamers group, find the box you just looted and you should be able to access the box again.” via Xbox One UK

Seems simple enough right? HOWEVER: While we here at Twinfinite aren’t your mom and dad, nor are we the morality police. So we’re not going to tell you what to do with your character in The Division. Still, we wouldn’t be a good friend if we didn’t at least warn you that if you do this, and you get caught, you could possibly wind up at the wrong end of a ban hammer when Ubisoft inevitably cracks down on this.

In fact, I would be pretty surprised if this isn’t fixed very, very soon. If you’re the type that would want to take advantage of such a glitch, I would abuse it and abuse it fast.

Me though, I’m the type of person who stands behind the yellow line while waiting for the subway. I don’t go sky diving nor do I really want to ever be in any kind of situation where I could die, or in video game terms, see my The Division character erased from existence. So I’ll happily be collecting my materials according to the rule of law, but don’t let me stop you, you outlaws you.

If you like to live dangerously go ahead and check out the video on how to pull off the glitch here.


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