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The Division’s Blizzards Are a Sight to Behold

the division

The Division’s Blizzards Are a Sight to Behold

When the weather outside is frightful…

The developers of The Division have given some incredible attention to detail when creating their new shooter. Clothes move in the wind, glass shatters realistically, tires deflate just how you’d expect them to, and New York City’s winter weather is definitely no joke.

The weather is random, so sometimes that means you’ll see a bit of a flurry, a lot of fog, or some beautiful sunshine. But then there are those rare times when The Division throws you into a full blown blizzard. Snow will fill your screen as you struggle to see a few steps ahead of you, making the whole world even more dangerous.

Bullets whiz by players’ heads as enemies try to snipe them, booby traps explode, and objectives are hidden as endless snow falls all around you. And you know what? It’s absolutely beautiful. It perfectly captures how quickly, and dangerously, a winter can change in New York City.

Adding to this feature is how you can see the snow fall on your character. It lets you know that you are part of this world, even when things start to get a bit hectic.

It’s amazing how developers can take something from real life and turn it into an amazing, and terrifying, video game feature.

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