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The Division: All Skills, Their Mods, and What They do


The Division: All Skills, Their Mods, and What They do

Medical Skills



Pulse works like a sonar. It will mark and outline all enemies in the area for you to clearly see. Very useful in smoke and heavy snow, or if you just want to help your team out.

Pulse Mods:

  • Recon Pack – The pulse has an increased range and is capable of locating nearby loot containters. (Quarantine)
  • Scrambler – The pulse protects the user and all allies from hostile pulse scans. (Quarantine)
  • Tactical Scanner – Damage is increased when attacking any hostile targets identified by the pulse scan. (Quarantine)
  • Master: Threat Detector – The pulse gives an early warning of nearby hostiles and identifies if the user has been scanned by a hostile pulse. (Requires all Medical Wing upgrades)

First Aid (Clinic)

This ability heals the player and all allies in its effective area. What makes this more useful is the fact that you can launch it to heal someone in trouble.

First Aid Mods:

  • Defibrillator – The Device can revive downed allies and grant them a portion of their normal health. (Intensive Care)
  • Overdose – The device heals targets more efficiently, and may even extend the target’s health beyond its normal rating. (Intensive Care)
  • Booster Shot – Temporarily increases damage for the affected targets in addition to the normal healing effect. (Intensive Care)
  • Master: Extended Service – Extends the duration of the effect, giving allies more time to approach the device. (Requires all upgrades)

Support Station (Virus Lab)

The support station is similar to First Aid in that it heals, but it instead drops a station that can continuously heal and even revive an ally if they drop.

Support Station Mods:

  • Life Support – Drops a revival station that automatically revives any allies who are downed within the affected area. (Hazmat Unit)
  • Immunizer – Drops a recovery station that removes Status Effects and makes allies immune while within the affected area. (Hazmat Unit)
  • Ammo Cache – While close to the device, allies regain their ammo as they reload, and skill cooldown recovery is faster. (Hazmat Unit)
  • Master: Discharge – When the device is disabled, nearby allies receive immediate healing. (Requires all upgrades)

Recovery Link (Signature Skill)(Requires Disaster Aid Upgrade)

The Recovery Link is your Signature Skill on the Medic Tree, meaning it is very powerful, but also very slow charging. This skill Heals and cures the player and any close by allies. On top of that, it can revive anyone that has been downed as long as they are in range. The last perk of this skill is the chance of an “Overheal,” providing extra health.

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