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The Best Game of February 2016


The Best Game of February 2016

Which game reigned supreme this month?

Honorable Mention #1: Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates

Read the Reviews! Conquest, Birthright

Starting with a couple of honorable mentions, check out the Twinfinite’s Staff picks for our favorite games for February 2016 which includes of course, our Game of the Month!

Staff Writer Hayes Madsen: Fire Emblem Fates feels like a natural evolution of the longstanding strategy RPG series. The new additions and changes make it more accessible to newcomers than ever before while still staying deep enough to please longtime fans.

Presentation and gameplay is tighter than it’s ever been in the series. Transitions from the isometric map to battle are
completely fluid, never breaking the action, with music swelling to match the change. Arguably what stands out the most is the relationship system. Further improved from the previous game, Awakening, the relationships in Fates are as important as ever, as building up the bonds between your soldiers can dramatically change your strategy and approach.

Splitting the game into two versions turned out to be a good choice, as well. Each version has its own unique story, missions, characters and they both are full-fledged, 30+ hour experiences. Birthright ends up being easier and more accessible as you can train your units to your hearts’ content. Conquest manages to be much more difficult, by limiting the amount of experience and gold you can get, and throwing in some truly unique challenges during its story chapters.

All the new additions and tweaked systems in Fates easily make it one of the most engrossing titles of February 2016, for stalwart fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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