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Sword Art Online: The Beginning VR Game Releases New Gameplay Clip


Sword Art Online: The Beginning VR Game Releases New Gameplay Clip

Another look at the new “VRMMO.”

The team behind Sword Art Online: The Beginning has released another video as part of their weekend-long PR campaign.

The video follows an earlier session of gameplay released yesterday, which is among the earliest information released about the burgeoning project. Sword Art Online: The Beginning, a self-styled “VRMMO,” began its campaign with that ~30-second video, leaving many fans eager to see more of the early state of the game. Fortunately for them, a new video surfaced shortly thereafter, showing off how the game looks outside of the combat.

Even with this news that should be a boon to any Sword Art Online fan (or anyone who loves the idea of VRMMO), there’s been some controversy attached the project. Some have gone so far as to call the recent videos “terrible,” and the sentiment certainly exists within the Sword Art Online and YouTube communities. Many others have pointed out, however, that the judgment of a game this early in alpha is unfounded, and that the material is actually excellent for the state of development it is in. Even more dramatically, it’s been posited that there actually isn’t a game at all, and that Sword Art Online: The Beginning is simply a “20 minute VR marketing demo” intended to show off IBM Watson’s capabilities.

Wherever your opinion may lie, we’re sure to see more on the subject going forward. Since this campaign is slated to continue into tomorrow, there will likely be more content and/or announcements to come.

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This post was originally written by Michael Negron.

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