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Street Fighter V Details First DLC Character and March Content Update

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Details First DLC Character and March Content Update

Alex is ready to fight for New York.

Aside from the server issues, the most common complaint about Street Fighter V was a lack of content. While arcade mode still isn’t confirmed, this month’s update to the game will add much more single player content including the game’s first DLC character.

The latest blog on Capcom Unity gives details on the Street Fighter 3 protagonist and first DLC character, Alex.

Alex performs a short taunt with his V-Skill “Overhaul”. If he can do this without getting kicked in the face, his next attack will be a counterhit that causes bonus stun and damage. Alex’s V-Trigger “Rage Shift” gives him a clothesline attack that can be charged up. This move can parry attacks and break an enemy’s guard when fully charged.

Alex will be available to purchase this month. If you don’t have enough Fight Money to unlock him, check out our guide to stock up fast.

The March update will also add a few new gameplay modes to Street Fighter V. Challenge Mode will include gameplay tutorials as well as specific lessons on how to play each character. This mode will also have Trials that can be used to learn combos. The in-game Shop will be opened, allowing players to buy new costumes and characters.

In addition, the Online Rematch feature will be added. In Ranked matches, players who agree on a rematch can play a 2 out of 3 set like a real tournament.

The March update still hasn’t been dated, but this blog promises an official release announcement soon. There may not be an Arcade mode yet, but the year-long series of updates to Capcom’s fighter is about to begin.


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