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New Details Revealed on Next StarCraft II DLC, Nova Covert Ops

StarCraft II

New Details Revealed on Next StarCraft II DLC, Nova Covert Ops

StarCraft: Ghost reborn anyone? Maybe?!

Today Blizzard released a preview of their upcoming patch for StarCraft II, 3.2, which will feature the first Nova Covert Ops mission pack. Unsurprisingly to those familiar with the DLC’s hero, Nova, the campaign will focus on stealth and strategy over brute force. Nova is an elite Ghost that has stealth powers far beyond the average Terran.

Specifically, the preview detailed how players will be able to customize Nova’s equipment including weapons and armor:

“Throughout the mission, Nova will become increasingly powerful and customizable as you discover and unlock additional equipment for her to take into the field. Ever wonder how unstoppable a cloaked Nova would be with a shotgun in her hands? Now you can find out.” via Blizzard.

In addition to customizing Nova, the campaign will also continue the StarCraft II campaign tradition of upgrading basic units to absurd and OP levels. For example, take a look at these hopping Siege Tanks.

Mission 1 will be the first of three missions that will be released over the course of 2016. What will be interesting to see is if Nova Covert Ops pack ends up borrowing ideas from the famous project that never was, StarCraft: Ghost.

For the ‘youngins’ out there, StarCraft: Ghost was a canceled stealth shooter set in the StarCraft universe, that lingered for too long in limbo, and for a while rivaled even Duke Nukem Forever in vaporware status. Considering the subject material in Nova Covert Ops, it isn’t unfathomable to think that some ideas will finally see the light of day through the DLC.

Either way, what we know for sure is that StarCraft II’s Nova Covert Ops Mission 1 will release on March 29. You can pre-order the mission packs now for $14.99 via the store and receive some additional goodies such as an in-game portrait for your character profile.

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