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Star Ocean 5’s First Official Livestream Takes Place Next Week


Star Ocean 5’s First Official Livestream Takes Place Next Week

So many stars.

On the official Star Ocean Twitter it was announced that there would a show named Star Log set for March 21. It was also revealed that the show would be streamed live in English on the Square Enix Twitch and Youtube channels at 4 p.m PT.

When asked about seeing gameplay on Twitter, the official Square Enix account stated there there would be exclusive gameplay footage. That was the only thing they have said about the show other than a retweet of the original tweet.

It hasn’t been stated what else would be shown, if this was a one-time deal, who will be on the show, or just how much exclusive gameplay fans will be seeing. It should also be noted that they haven’t said if any major announcements will be made during the livestream.

Also, the North America and Europe release dates have not been officially announced other than some time in 2016. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness recently released the first English trailer to the public not long after announcing that the PlayStation 3 Japanese version would be getting delayed to April 28. The game is set to release in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on March 31.


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