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Star Citizen Funding Exceeds $110 Million

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Funding Exceeds $110 Million

Star Citizen continues to rake it in.

Star Citizen, the most monetarily successful crowd-funding campaign ever, continues to raise the bar. The space-simulator has now surpassed $110 million in money raised over a period in excess of three years.

Star Citizen came to prominence when it launched its crowd-funding campaign in 2012, becoming the poster child for how crowd-funding can provide developers access to AAA-level budgets whilst remaining independent.

With Chris Roberts helming, the project was also one of the earlier examples of a veteran game developer using crowd-funding to pursue a passion project, a move that has been recreated by other developers – most famously Keiji Inafune with Mighty No. 9 and Yu Suzuki with Shenmue III.

Initially promising to deliver an MMO space-sim that would test the limits of PC-gaming hardware, three years, $110 million and mission creep have seen Star Citizen still in development, with backers currently able to access an Alpha build.

Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s offline single-player campaign, is scheduled to launch episodically with the first episode coming sometime early this year.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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