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Square Enix Bringing Throwback RPG I Am Setsuna West on PS4 and PC

I Am Setsuna, Square Enix, PS4, PC

Square Enix Bringing Throwback RPG I Am Setsuna West on PS4 and PC

Tokyo RPG Factory’s first title hopes to bring back the feel of classic Japanese RPGs.

Last year Square Enix created the studio Tokyo RPG Factory, in order to produce original IPs for role-playing games. Their first project was announced at E3 in 2015 as “Project Setsuna.”

The game would officially get the title of ” Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna,” and released in Japan last month on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Square Enix has confirmed that they will be localizing the game for the west under the title of “I Am Setsuna” for PS4 and PC. The Vita version of the game won’t be making its way over. A teaser site has gone up for the upcoming title.

I Am Setsuna has a battle system inspired by Chrono Trigger and hopes to bring back the “authentic RPG gameplay, beautiful art design, and sorrowful story” that classic Japanese RPGs were known for. The game’s director Atsushi Hashimoto hopes to “capture the narrative depth, impactful storytelling and masterful character development inspired by the golden era of Japanese role-playing games.”

I Am Setsuna is currently set for a release this summer in North America. Check out teaser site for the game, and you can watch last year’s Tokyo Game Show trailer below as well.

Are you looking forward to a game that calls back to classic JRPGs? Do you need to wait and see a bit more of the game to be convinced? Let us know in the comments.

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