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SMITE Goes into Open Beta Later This Month on PS4

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SMITE Goes into Open Beta Later This Month on PS4

It’s also never been easier to get a closed beta invite.

After a long wait, all PS4 players will be able to jump into SMITE when the game’s open beta starts up Mar. 22. While it will still be officially thought of as a beta, from that point on the game will be available and free-to-play for any gamers that download it.

After the third-person MOBA released back in 2014, it found a hearty community on both PC and Xbox One. The PS4 open beta actually marks the second birthday of the game, Hi-Rez Studios teasing that the celebration will include daily events, huge sales, and a lot more. We will hopefully learn more about what they have planned for us in the weeks ahead.

The PS4 version of the game was announced just last month, and closed betas are already running for the game. For anyone who just can’t wait, it’s now even easier to grab an invite. Hi-Rez is offering up beta keys just for liking and following SMITE on social media. When it’s that easy, you have no excuse. And for those who are already in the PS4 Beta, Hi-Rez said, “you don’t have to do anything except continue enjoying SMITE!”

Are you already in the closed beta and enjoying the game like Hi-Rez asked? Or are you waiting for the Open Beta, hoping every last little bug will be ironed out? Let us know in the comments.

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