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SMITE Marks its Second Birthday with Sales and the PS4 Open Beta

Smite second anniversary

SMITE Marks its Second Birthday with Sales and the PS4 Open Beta

Happy Birthday!

It’s been two years since SMITE, the mythology-based third-person MOBA, first released, and Hi-Rez Studios isn’t letting that fact slip by unnoticed. Not only does today mark the beginning of the game’s open beta on the PS4, the developer has also detailed its anniversary plans.

“SMITE has over 14 million players worldwide and the second anniversary of the game highlights the enduring popularity of the game across all platforms,” Hi-Rez says in a press release.

To celebrate, SMITE will see a host of daily promotions from now until Monday, Mar. 28. Throughout that week, the Ultimate God Pack, which includes all current and future gods, will be 50% off from its usual $30 price tag on Xbox One and PC. Likewise, the PS4 Founder’s Pack, which includes the Ultimate God Pack, plus 400 gems and two exclusive skins, is also 50% off.

Across the whole week, players will receive double login rewards. To check out the deals, promotions, bonuses, and giveaways happening each day for the next week, check out the Official SMITE Birthday page.

Smite Birthday celebration

If you have been a PS4 player anxiously waiting to play SMITE and haven’t been able to slip into the closed beta, today is even more of a reason for celebration. “The closed beta on the PlayStation 4 exceeded expectations as players rushed to experience the Battleground of the Gods for the first time. With the launch into open beta, SMITE is now available for anyone to download and play for free – no PlayStation Plus subscription is required,” Hi-Rez explains.

Will you be celebrating the game’s anniversary? Or are you too busy playing to even duck your head into the store? Let us know in the comments.

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