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Scalebound Accidentally Gets Delayed 782 Years

Scalebound, microsoft, e3 2016

Scalebound Accidentally Gets Delayed 782 Years


You’re looking forward to Platinum Games’ Scalebound, right? Y’know, that game with the dragons that got delayed to 2017? Yeah, so that may have gotten delayed again. But if you were thinking super late in 2017, or possibly even 2018, the Xbox Store says something else. Something that makes the wait for Duke Nukem Forever look like a cake walk.

scalebound xbox store delayed

The release date snafu pictured above was spotted by Twitter user muranell, and Twinfinite confirmed it on the Xbox Store before it was removed.

Odds are that Platinum wouldn’t delay a game by 783 years, but who knows. No other news has been said about the game since the delay, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Maybe Microsoft wants them to add in as much next-gen content as possible. Have the prettiest dragons and some super Hololens tech. Then again, it won’t matter, since we’ll all more than likely be dead by then. Hope they release a demo before then, at least.

Scalebound will hit the Xbox One in 2017.

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