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Rime Dev Reacquires Rights, Sony no Longer Publishing

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Rime Dev Reacquires Rights, Sony no Longer Publishing

Without Rime or reason.

Rime, the mysterious and colorful adventure game developed by Tequila Works, is no longer being published by Sony.

Announced in a press release, Tequila Works revealed that it had reacquired the rights to the game from Sony Computer Entertainment, saying: “Tequila Works announces today that it has chosen to reacquire the rights to its open world adventure game, Rime, and is working hard to realise its aspirations for it.”

“SCE is no longer proprietary of the IP, nor the publisher of the game,” a representative of Sony told Polygon.

The game was originally planned as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Whether or not that’s changed is unknown at the moment, however Tequila Works has promised more updates on the game in the future.

Rime was first announced at Gamescom 2013 and the developer hasn’t revealed an awful lot since, however the game was first pitched to Microsoft under the title of Echoes of Siren. The developer asked for a budget of $3 million. However, Microsoft passed on the opportunity.

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