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4 Reasons Why VR Isn’t There Yet


4 Reasons Why VR Isn’t There Yet

VR needs a little more time in the oven.

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Limited Space

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2016 is the year of VR. Whether you’ve been sold on the new tech or not, there is no denying that it will be one of the defining aspects of this year in gaming. Oculus, HTC, Sony, and others are ready to roll out their hardware as they vie for supremacy in the new market.

There have been plenty of demos, some even being quite extraordinary, but VR might be approaching a bit too soon. Don’t get us wrong, VR is definitely an advancement worthy of acknowledgement, but there are a few reasons why it isn’t ready just yet.

In popular culture, virtual reality has usually been imagined in a very specific way. You logged in, and that digital world became your reality. You were uninhibited by your actual physical location. You could jump, swim, fly, fight, or anything else you wanted freely with just the power of your mind.

Of course, that is science fiction, and always seemed a bit out there, but it’s hard to ignore the physical limitations of this budding technology at the moment. One of the best users of space so far is the HTC Vive, with free range demos and safety sensors built into the headset. Yet every time that green grid would appear, warning you of an incoming wall or person, you were quickly reminded that it isn’t reality.

There are devices being made that look to circumvent this issue such as the Virtuix Omni, but they are expensive and still require quite a bit of room. How developers and manufacturers will overcome this hurdle is unknown at this time, but it will be interesting to see what solutions people come up with in the future. 

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