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Remedy Unveils Quantum Break’s PC Display Settings


Remedy Unveils Quantum Break’s PC Display Settings

All the options to fine-tune your time-bending experience.

A popular request given towards developer Remedy Entertainment was a detailed reveal of Quantum Break’s PC settings, after feedback from various demo events. Now, with the game getting so close to launch, Remedy decided to share just that with the world, making a post on its official website featuring two images of the various PC settings you’ll come to see when you get your hands on the game.

As mentioned in the post, all the settings are here to adjust the game to your liking, and depending on your set-up and PC, you can experience Quantum Break in 4K resolution. FPS locking, shadows/lighting rendering, screen space settings, effects/texture settings, and anti-aliasing are all here. For a detailed look into the settings, check out the two images below:

quantum break

quantum break

Quantum Break releases console-exclusively for Xbox One, and for PC, on April 5, which is just right around the corner from now. The game will feature a tie-in digital show, where the episodes will actually affect the game and your own personal choices as you play it.

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This post was originally written by Tanner Fugate.

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