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Quantum Break’s Live-Action Pack Is Bigger Than the Game


Quantum Break’s Live-Action Pack Is Bigger Than the Game

Best clear up that hard drive.

The upcoming patch for Quantum Break will fix some bugs as we previously mentioned, as well as give the player the ability to download the live action episodes, rather than streaming them during the game. These episodes are live action sets which star all the actors from the game itself and extend the story as well as join each episode of the game together.

Quantum Break

If you want to download the episodes, you will need to make some space on your console as the episode add-on pack comes in at over 75GB. This is according to the pack’s listing on the Xbox Store, brought to our attention over on Neogaf. If this is correct, we could see the game needing over 100GB of hard drive space as the game itself is 50GB already. This will make Quantum Break the biggest installation size found in a video game to date..

Quantum Break launches on Windows 10 and Xbox One on Apr.5 2016.

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This post was originally written by Marco Cocomello.

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