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Pokémon GO Closed Beta Sign-Ups Begin in Japan

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Closed Beta Sign-Ups Begin in Japan

Time to move.

Pokémon GO is nigh. While the world is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Pokémon GO and everything it has to offer, everyone outside of Japan will have to wait just a bit longer, of course. For now, though, if you happen to be in Japan, you’re in luck; people in Japan may now sign up to selected for entry in the closed beta of the upcoming augmented reality Pokémon game.

The Niantic site revealed that the game will available on Android version 4.3 or higher and on iOS for iPhone 5 or higher. That’s only half the battle, though; participants must be selected through a lottery, as the server won’t allow every single person that signs up to play. Just as well, the number of users on iOS will be especially limited for technical reasons.

"Are we in Japan?" "No!" "Then what are we looking at?" "2girls1cup!"

“Are we in Japan?” “No!” “Then what are we looking at?” “2girls1cup!”

We know, you might not be living in Japan and really want to enter. You may even try to sign up through a proxy to access the Japanese server, but odds are, if you somehow get picked, you won’t find any Pokémon near you anyway. Patience is a virtue, and Pokémon GO may be that wonderful little reward worth waiting for, especially if that initial beauty of a trailer is any indication of what’s to come.

While the GDC presentation has been canceled, first impressions of Pokémon GO may be coming very soon when the field testing officially begins later this month. In the meantime, we’ll be updating you with any and all information on Pokémon GO as it nears its release for Android and iPhones later this year.

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