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PlayStation’s Shawn Layden Talks E3 Preparation, PSVR at GDC

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PlayStation’s Shawn Layden Talks E3 Preparation, PSVR at GDC

Planning for the big one.

With both GDC and E3 on the horizon, Sony has been hard at work preparing for both shows. Talking on the PlayStation Blogcast podcast‘s milestone 200th episode, Shawn Layden, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, spoke about the two big upcoming shows.

Sony’s last E3 showing was a massive affair, including bombshell announcements like the return of The Last Guardian and the Final Fantasy VII remake and it looks like they’re preparing for an equally big show this time around as Layden revealed that the company has been planning for E3 for the last three months.

Moving onto the more immediate show, the Game Developer’s Conference happening next week, Layden said that the company will be talking a lot about PlayStation VR, something that’s been expected since it was revealed Sony will be hosting a VR-specific event on Mar. 15th.

Layden also went onto say that it is just the right time for PlayStation to take on the technology, for both gaming and other forms of entertainment.

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