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Path of Exile’s Perandus Challenge League Promises Big Rewards for Players

Path of Exile


Path of Exile’s Perandus Challenge League Promises Big Rewards for Players

Grinding Gear Games invites you to solve their maze.

Earlier today the developer of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, announced that it will be launching the  Perandus Challenge League alongside the game’s upcoming expansion, Ascendancy, on March 4.

The Perandus Challenge League will be a set of 40 challenges that players can complete to get the lost riches of the fallen empire of Sarn in the form of microtransaction items. The Path of Exile site revealed that players will earn the Perandus Footprint Effect after 12 challenges, a Perandus Weapon Effect at 24 challenges, and the Perandus Portal Effect at 36 challenges.

They also noted that players will be able to get a piece of a Perandus Totem Pole after 19 challenges and another piece after every three more challenges. Players will be able to display the Totem Pole at their hideout and it will permantely show off how many challenges that player has completed.

The Path of Exile: Ascendancy expansion will be released on March 4 and will see players testing their skills inside the Izaro’s Labyrinth after they complete the Trials of Ascendancy. The expansion will also introduce 11 new skill gems, 19 new Ascendancy classes and a dozen of unique items, some of which were designed by the Path of Exile community.

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