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New Below Trailer Gets Metroid-like Isolation Just Right

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New Below Trailer Gets Metroid-like Isolation Just Right

It’s oh so quiet.

After the releases of Superbrother: Sword & Sorcery EP and Super Time Force, Capy Game has let their presence be known to the gaming world in all the right ways. Their penchant for making a tightly crafted and delightful title has been proven and tested before, and their upcoming game Below looks like another of their exercises in excellence.

Below, quite simply, sends you below, to the depths of who-knows-where. The latest trailer features new footage of the various areas and enemies that each player will encounter in the realm below. Particularly interesting, though, is the stellar sense of isolation that the game seems to be embracing.

Games like Super Metroid are the majesties they are because of a the mix of great gameplay and phenomenal atmosphere. All we have to go on with Below, for now, is the atmosphere, and the developers at Capy Games seem to have hit the nail on the head, with the player character in the strange, damp, and lonely scenarios that game will take players through. This level of immersion is a force to be reckoned with, and should get the gaming world suitably hyped.

You can get your hands on Below when it releases for Xbox One and Steam later this summer.

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