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Microsoft to Bring Windows 10 Apps to the Xbox One This Summer

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Microsoft to Bring Windows 10 Apps to the Xbox One This Summer

Microsoft continues to unify Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

During a conference at GDC today, Microsoft confirmed the release window of Windows 10 app availability on the Xbox One. Microsoft and Xbox One fans can expect the integration to take place this summer.

This integration is just one of a series of recent moves that brings the Windows OS and Xbox One closer together. We already knew that Microsoft is planning to unite the Xbox One and Windows 10 by bringing some of their biggest upcoming exclusives to the Windows 10 platform such as Quantum Break and Recore. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently explained that the financial benefit of the move opens up more opportunities for Xbox fans.

Microsoft has also recently revealed a new set of tools that will allow game developers to run competitive tournaments through the Xbox Live service, and also allowing them to customize these tournaments depending on the game.

What do you think about Windows 10 apps being compatible on the Xbox One? Is it a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.



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