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Metal Gear Online Quiet DLC Coming this Month


Metal Gear Online Quiet DLC Coming this Month

No need for words.

Konami previously announced the brand new ‘Cloaked In Silence’ DLC for Metal Gear Online, featuring Quiet as a playable character. Today, Konami has confirmed that the DLC will officially drop on March 15, and it will be priced at about $4.

‘Cloaked In Silence’ will bring three new maps for players. These include Coral Complex, which is structured like Mother Base, as well as Rust Palace and Azure Mountain, both locales from the original campaign in Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear Online players will also be able to take control of Quiet, and will have access to her high jumping abilities, temporary invisibility, and excellent accuracy in sniping.

Lastly, the DLC pack will introduce a new game mode called Survival.

“In SURVIVAL, players create a team of 6 or join an existing team. The main objective is to aim for consecutive wins over several matches where the map and mission criteria is selected randomly. If your team loses, players gain specific rewards for the amount of wins up to that point.”

Survival will drop on April 7, and those who purchased ‘Cloaked In Silence’ will have unlimited access to this game mode, while others will only be able to play it 10 times per week.

Are you excited to play as Quiet in Metal Gear Online? Let us know in the comments down below.

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