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The Division: How to Upgrade Your Base of Operations

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The Division: How to Upgrade Your Base of Operations

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Your Base of Operations is your main hub in The Division. This is one of justice’s last stands, and it is where you send the people you save so that they may live. Upgrading your base is one of the central mechanics of The Division, so you’ll want to do so often.

Thankfully, upgrading this area isn’t convoluted, although choosing what to go for may be a bit stressful. We recommend focusing on what you think is more important for your play style. Each Wing builds up one of your skill trees, and will require specific resources that take time to collect. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to set what’s most important to you first, then pursuing those upgrades.

To upgrade one of the three Wings in your base (Tech, Medical, and Security) all you need is the proper amount of the corresponding supplies. These supplies are obtained through completing Story Missions and encounters. The encounters are color coded so you know exactly what you’ll get. The colors are:

  • Green – Medical
  • Blue – Security
  • Yellow – Tech

The encounters don’t provide nearly as much Supplies as the story missions do, but you’ll be able to complete several rather quickly, allowing you to unlock everything in a reasonable amount of time.

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Once you have what you need, simply head to the Wing you want to upgrade in your base and locate the laptop. Pick the upgrade you want and you’re good to go. Each upgrade can unlock Skills, Mods, and Perks for you, so you’ll need them to take back the city. Obviously the more abilities you have access to, the easier your time will be out in NYC, so get to work agent.

For more guides, tips, tricks, and information on The Division, be sure to check out our wiki.

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