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Hitman Asks You to Choose Your Hit, Gary Busey or Gary Cole


Hitman Asks You to Choose Your Hit, Gary Busey or Gary Cole

“I bludgeoned a baby seal, with another baby seal!”

Not only does Io-Interactive seem committed to making a living, constantly growing Hitman game, it seems they are more than happy to put some weirdly dark fun into it too.

Launching a new marketing campaign called Choose Your Hit, Hitman is asking fans to vote on which celebrity will be added to the game later this summer as a contract to be hunted down.

Though its unclear if this is only a one-time thing or a continuing program, the first match up is between two notable Garys. The contenders are Gary Busey, who “is ready for the role of a lifetime: your target,” and Gary Cole, “Expert thespian and all-around a-hole.”

On the Choose Your Hit website, both actors make a pretty good argument for why they should get your vote. Specifically, “If you’re ready for a vicious, intimate, perplexing fight to the death, choose Busey.” Meanwhile, “Gary Cole doesn’t care if you vote for him or not. In fact, he doesn’t care about you at all. Because he’s better than you.”

You can support either with #KillBusey or #KillCole, and, with even more videos to come in the future, you can check out their impassioned opening arguments in the video below.

The first episode of Hitman released earlier this month, with future episodes planned to follow each month, aiming to have the full game out by the end of summer. Who will you vote for? Let us know in the comments.

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