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Her Story Took Six Months of Research and Basic Instinct


Her Story Took Six Months of Research and Basic Instinct

Legs were not included.

During the Her Story panel at GDC 2016, creator Sam Barlow delved into his process when creating the hit indie game. He noted that it took him six months of extensive research on detective work and interrogations. Tons of movies, shows, real investigation clips, books upon books, and, oddly enough, Basic Instinct.

That’s right. While figuring out how to present Her Story, he cited Jodi Arias’ trial and surveillance cameras, legitimate transcripts of actual interrogations, and many more. But what else was also added into the mix? The 1992 movie, Basic Instinct.

In the movie, there’s a famous interrogation scene that everyone can remember because of one specific part. However, it’s actually a behind the scenes video that inspired Barlow with the overall look of Her Story. Within the BTS scene, Sharon Stone is not framed following cinemtagrophy rules, there’s no perfect movie lighting, and all of the general movie magic is absent. There is only her within the shot, acting out the lines in front of the camera, and someone reading the others off-camera. This inspired Her Story’s look and art direction to get a real genuine and raw performance for the mystery.

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