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Gears of War 4 Has New Swarm Enemies and Deadly Weather


Gears of War 4 Has New Swarm Enemies and Deadly Weather

This forecast calls for DOOM.

In addition to new heroes, one of which will be Marcus’ son, Gears of War 4 will have brand new enemies, some of which aren’t gonna be easy to kill. Instead of the Locust Horde, this time around, players will go up against the Swarm. The trio of characters–JD Fenix, Del, and Kait–first come across these enemies at the beginning of the game, when they’re the only survivors of a kidnapping/slaughter of an Outsider village.

They head into the forest and come across an enemy type of the Swarm called “Juvies”, pale creatures that look almost human. They’ll more than likely be the main enemy type for the game, as they look like Drones from the original trilogy and can wield weapons. The Juvies will be able to physically pull you out of cover and perform their own takedowns. Other enemy types weren’t revealed, but the Pouncer–the freaky dog-looking thing from the E3 footage–is said to be reactive to the player, shooting poisonous quills if you’re out in the open and coming directly for you if you stay in cover.

Gears 4’s other enemy won’t be a physical threat, at least in the usual way for this series. War with the Locust has transformed the weather to the point of deadly windflares, which are described by The Coalition as “a mix between a hurricane and a volcano”. There’ll be four categories of weather in the game that’ll start out as heavy breezes, then morph into category 3 windstorms that can affect how you use your weapons. For example, fighting directly against the wind could end up throwing your bullets back in your face. Category 4 windstorms will have violent lightning strikes, and it’ll be best for you to always be on your feet. Thankfully, enemies will be as handicapped by the weather as you will, and you’ll be able to exploit the situation to your advantage, as will they.

All of this will take place over the course of a day in the game, so players will probably grow to hate Mother Nature by the time things are done. We’ll find out for sure when Gears of War 4 strikes the Xbox One later this year.

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