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Gears 4 Runs at 30FPS in Campaign, 60FPS in Multiplayer


Gears 4 Runs at 30FPS in Campaign, 60FPS in Multiplayer

A glimpse of Gears.

Gears of War 4 will run at 1080p and 30fps during its campaign, while running at a smoother 60fps during multiplayer, according to Coalition head Rod Fergusson.

During a quick-fire, 105 question Q&A session with GameInformer, Fergusson revealed a number of intriguing details about the new Gears of War game.

Fergusson revealed that the control scheme for the game will be more akin to Gears of War 3, than Gears of War: Judgment. Fergusson also gave away a number of small, lore tidbits from the game, including the fact that JD Fenix’s squad doesn’t have a name and the robot companion, JACK, from the original trilogy, will not reappear in this game.

Fergusson also commented that the campaign, dependent on the difficulty, will be longer than the campaign of the original Gears of War. When asked specifically about playing on Normal difficulty, Fergusson said that it “potentially” would be longer. The original Gears of War’s campaign was roughly 5 hours long on Normal difficulty.

Also, Fergusson revealed that we don’t know JD’s mother, despite Marcus Fenix having some kind of a romantic attachment to Anya Stroud at the end of Gears of War 3.

To see Rod Fergusson’s answers to all 105 questions, check out the original interview. Gears of War 4 is scheduled for release exclusively on Xbox One this Fall, with a beta due to arrive in the Spring.

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