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Gears 4 to Only Feature 2-Player Campaign Co-op


Gears 4 to Only Feature 2-Player Campaign Co-op

Two heads are better than four?

Gears of War 4’s campaign will only feature two-player co-op for both online and local play, as opposed to the four-player co-op support offered in Gears of War 3, meaning you’ll only be able to bring one friend along for the ride.

The news comes from Game Informer’s cover story reveal about the highly-anticipated Xbox One exclusive. Player one will always play as JD Fenix, son of Marcus Fenix, the original trilogy’s protagonist. Player two however can choose between Kait and Del.

“While the three characters remain together for most of the game, at times they might get split up, and the story has subtle differences depending on whether player two is Kait or Dell,” according to Game Informer.

Not much else has been revealed about the story, though new enemies have been showcased, as well as the time span of the storyline for the new game.

Gears of War 4 is due for release sometime in the holiday season. A beta for the game is scheduled to arrive in the Spring.

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