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Pokémon GO’s First Screenshots and Details Surface on Official Site

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Pokémon GO’s First Screenshots and Details Surface on Official Site

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Official screenshots and gameplay details have surfaced on the Pokémon GO webpage that give us a better idea of how the game looks and plays.

The images, found on the official page for Pokémon GO, show off a number of different screens from within the game. Included in this post, two of the screenshots show Squirtle both in what looks like a real-life garden and in an artistically drawn field. There’s a CP number located up by Squirtle’s head, and a strange button to the right of the Pokéball that we can’t quite work out yet.

Pokémon, Pokémon GO, mobile, screenshots

The other two images, show off a large map-like area with details such as the user’s level, name, and nearby Pokémon at the bottom of the screen. The map overview of the area looks pretty detailed, and judging by the difference in the two screenshots, allows users to zoom in to get a more detailed view of the area. Check out all four of the images in our gallery below.

The official site also shares some important details with regards to the gameplay. According to the description below the image slider, Pokémon GO will have PokéStops. “Also look for PokéStops located at interesting places, such as public art installations, historical markers, and monuments, where you can collect more Poké Balls and other items.”

If you were hoping you’d be able to grab yourself a nice legendary Pokémon or Charizard from the start, think again. The description also details the trainer level system and how this will affect the Pokémon you’ll be able to catch.

“In Pokémon GO, you will gain levels as a Trainer, and at higher levels you will be able to catch more powerful Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. You’ll also have access to more powerful items, such as Great Balls, to give you a better shot at catching Pokémon. Keep exploring and encountering Pokémon to raise your level!”

Pokémon, Pokémon GO, mobile, screenshots

Some wild Pokémon are also confirmed to only appear in certain places near where you live or around the world. The page gives Water-type Pokémon as an example and states that some may only appear near lakes and oceans. Finally, the page details the inclusion of Gyms. Just like PokéStops, Gyms can only be found at real locations in the world.

When you reach a certain point in the game you will be asked to join one of three teams. Once you have joined one of these, you’ll be able to assign Pokémon that you’ve caught to empty Gym locations or to a location where another team member has placed one of their own Pokémon. You must then defend the gym from other teams from taking control. No information was given on whether there would be rewards for successfully capturing or defending gyms.

Pokémon fans in Japan were recently able to sign up to the closed beta for Pokémon GO, with selected users being chosen through a lottery system. We’re still waiting for any news of a similar beta coming to Western territories.

What do you make of these screenshots? Are you looking forward to playing Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments below.


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