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Get Your First Look at’s Voice Chat Feature


Get Your First Look at’s Voice Chat Feature

New stuff. Same ol’ function.

Screenshots of the voice chat made its way to Twitter as World of Warcraft mod MysticalOS gave the public some insight on what to expect when the feature is released. This was first revealed when Blizzard posted that they were working on a voice chat feature expected to be tested when Overwatch went into beta. voice chatThe snapshots not only show how everything currently looks but also includes quite a few patch notes. Each channel can hold up to 99 players with click and drag features to add friends to channels. Along with ‘push to talk’ keys and control settings within the voice chat in order to change a player’s volume or mute them. It would also seem there was a bug that made certain people get error messages while using the feature that has now been fixed.

Considering this is the Alpha version it should come with no surprise that there are plenty of bugs still. These include things such as crashing if the person uses Windows XP, long periods of silence can cause it to stop working, reported players can still be heard if you already had an active session with them and more.

It should also be noted that things might change from this moment until the release of the feature. Overwatch is set to go into beta for those who preordered the game on May 3 and then open beta from May 5-9. It hasn’t been stated what day the chat feature will be made available.


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