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Far Cry Primal’s Survivor Mode Makes the Wilderness Even Harsher


Far Cry Primal’s Survivor Mode Makes the Wilderness Even Harsher

Survival of the fittest.

Far Cry Primal was already a significant departure from the main series with its major setting change and brutal combat. Next month, the free Survivor Mode update will make staying alive in the Stone Age even more difficult.

Survivor Mode is coming to Far Cry Primal on April 12 as a free update. This mode will change the core aspects of traversal, crafting and combat to make things even more challenging.

This mode will have permadeath, so dying once means your quest is over and must be restarted from the beginning. Players can die in the vision missions without penalty, or turn on a second-chance option to get one backup life.

A stamina bar will be added to the game, which can only be replenished by sleeping. If Takkar’s stamina gets too low, he’ll move slower and deal less damage overall. The minimap will be removed, and every use of fast travel consumes stamina and food.

Some of the more unrealistic elements of Far Cry Primal won’t be around in Survivor Mode. Takkar can’t drop bombs by summoning an owl, and beast taming will be even more difficult for stronger animals like bears and sabretooth tigers.

The permadeath function doesn’t just apply to the player. Any animals killed in the game will never respawn. This change is meant to encourage more tactical use of animals, as even legendary beasts will be gone forever if they die.

Far Cry Primal’s game director Thomas Simon promised a surprise for players who can take on the toughest challenge in the game.

If you go for the ultimate challenge – activating Survivor mode, playing on expert difficulty and activating permadeath – you have the hardest and most insane challenge possible for the game, and there’s a special reward at the moment you complete the game. I won’t spoil it.

The Survivor Mode patch will be added to Far Cry Primal for free on April 12. Will you take on this challenging mode to see whatever special reward Ubisoft has created? Let us know in the comments.


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