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Destiny’s Eris Morn and The Queen to Appear on a Live Q&A on Twitch

Destiny Eris Morn


Destiny’s Eris Morn and The Queen to Appear on a Live Q&A on Twitch

Will Eris bring her rock though?

Tomorrow, Bungie will be hosting a Twitch session dedicated to the sounds of Destiny. The event will be conducted by Destiny’s audio team and they will walk you through the creative process of the sounds you hear while playing. Here is the description of what to expect via Bungie:

“We’ll begin with a brand new Bungie ViDoc that will explore in detail every aspect of what you hear on your journey as a Guardian. Jim McQuillan, who directed this piece with Michael Sternoff producing, had this to say about what we’ll debut on the stream.

Jim: We’ve been working on the “Sounds of Destiny” ViDoc for over a year, capturing the Audio Team’s process for creating effects, dialogue, and music for Destiny. It’s something we felt Bungie and Destiny fans and passionate audiophiles would enjoy.

After the video, we’ll be live in the studio for a conversation with Story Lead CJ Cowan and Audio Director C Paul Johnson about the fine craft of voice acting as a means of bringing the characters of Destiny to life. Also on the panel will be two very special guests. You’ll hear more from these voice artists whose voices you already know.”

Just who are those two very special guests? Well they are none other than the fan favorite characters Eris Morn and The Queen of the Reef Mara Sov. Their voice actresses Morla Gorrondona and Kirsten Potter, will be live and taking questions from the Twitch chat box alongside Story Lead CJ Cowan and Audio Director C Paul Johnson.

So if you’re interested in learning more about Destiny’s audio, or how some of the game’s most popular characters get their voice and personality, be sure to tune in today, Mar. 10, at 11AM PST. The stream will be located at Bungie’s official Twitch channel that you can access right here.

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