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Epic Games Hosting Recruiting Event for Laid Off Lionhead Employees


Epic Games Hosting Recruiting Event for Laid Off Lionhead Employees

Epic Studios offer a helping hand

The story of the recent closure of Lionhead Studios by Microsoft has taken another turn. After the sudden closure of Lionhead Studios and the revelation that it came as a complete surprise to employees, it appeared that they had the rug pulled from under their feet.

However, a new party has entered the arena to seemingly offer Lionhead Studios employees a lifeline. Epic Games released this tweet earlier today inviting them to join Epic at a dedicated recruitment event in Guildford.

Although Microsoft had pledged to do their best to help Lionhead employees find new jobs, it has been the creators of Unreal Engine and Gears of War who have stepped up to the plate.

Epic Games are gearing up for the release of their upcoming MOBA, Paragon, with a beta event coming this month. Therefore, taking on new staff who are talented and proven in the industry looks to be a perfect business decision. It also won’t hurt Epic that the move gives them an air of altruism.

Although the loss of Lionhead Studios is a blow to the industry at large, it is good to see that other studios like Epic are willing to support the talented people whose jobs had come to an untimely end.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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