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Top 5 Easiest Xbox Achievements of March To Boost Your Gamerscore


Top 5 Easiest Xbox Achievements of March To Boost Your Gamerscore

A good mix of options this month.

Alekhine’s Gun

Alekhine's Gun, Achievement

While the game has a dismal rating of 36 on Metacritic, this third person stealth game has a fairly simple set of achievements. 220G comes from playing the chapters while the rest comes from completing various forms of gameplay mechanics perfectly or numerous times. Only a couple of the achievements will be a problem.

Once Upon A Time (20G)

Complete Level 1

Checked Out (20G)

Complete Level 2

Fireproof (20G)

Complete Level 3

Deadly Ending (20G)

Complete Level 4

Abduction (20G)

Complete Level 5

Calling Card (20G)

Complete Level 6

Castaway (20G)

Complete Level 7

Goodbye, Colonel (20G)

Complete Level 8

Top Shot (20G)

Complete Level 9

Public Enemy (20G)

Complete Level 10

Peace (20G)

Complete Level 11

Head Hunter (30G)

Get 30 Headshots

Sleeper Agent (30G)

Use Chloroform on 30 enemies

Locksmith (40G)

Perfect lockpicking attempt

Engineer (30G)

Perform a perfect rewiring (sabotage minigame)

Go For The Throat (30G)

Garrote 30 enemies

Chameleon (80G)

Obtain all disguises in the game

One Suit Man (50G)

Complete a level using one disguise or less

Angel of Death (60G)

Complete all assassinations in a level using only accidents

Contract Killer (90G)

Complete a Level without Killing (except for assassination targets)

Legendary (80G)

Complete game without killing (except for assassination targets)

Like a Ghost (50G)

Obtain Ghost Ranking on a level

Maniac (40G)

Obtain Maniac Ranking on a level

Deadly Instinct (40G)

Complete a level without using instinct mode

Predator (100G)

Complete a level without using your gun

Undertaker (30G)

Hide 30 bodies

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