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Dying Light and Rocket League Partnership Announced

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Dying Light and Rocket League Partnership Announced

Zombies and sports gets blended.

You may think that the zombie survival game Dying Light and the chaotic sports game Rocket League have nothing in common, and you’re pretty much right. But that hasn’t stopped Techland and Psyonix from teaming up to deliver new content to their games.

A trailer has been released by Dying Light’s official YouTube channel which shows off a cool looking Rocket League skin you can get for your buggy. The gameplay trailer shows off the game’s first-person take on Rocket League and certainly has us in the mood for a game.

To get your hands on the new paint job, all you need to do is enter the code “LightMyRocket” at this site.

It has also been announced that some Dying Light themed DLC will be coming to Rocket League, but the exact details are yet to be announced.

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