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Doom Developers Ask Fans to Vote on Alternate Box Art

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Doom Developers Ask Fans to Vote on Alternate Box Art

Move aside, space marine!

The upcoming Doom game is getting a lot of buzz for its gory, fast-paced combat. However, both fans and detractors agree on one thing: the box art is not very interesting. Id Software have heard these concerns, and have created two pieces of alternate box art that fans can choose.

The basic “scary space marine” art will still be on the cover, but these two pictures have been created as reverse sleeves. If you’re not a fan of the normal cover, just flip it around and one of these pictures will be there.

The first cover plays heavily into the Satanic history of Doom’s monsters, featuring a demonic head and pentagram. The second cover is an obvious homage to the art of the first Doom game, showing a lone space marine fighting off a demon army.

The winner will be chosen through a Twitter poll which closes on March 6. Voting is close for now, with the retro-styled Option B taking a slight lead.

Which box art do you like more? Let us know in the comments, and let id Software know through their poll.


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