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The Division PSA: Remember That You Can’t Trade Gear With Your Friends Yet

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The Division PSA: Remember That You Can’t Trade Gear With Your Friends Yet

Now we play the waiting game…

Today saw the release of The Division, and its launch has given us a lot to talk about, including server issues, and the inclusion of microtransactions. With the servers now up and running properly, players are wondering why they can’t trade loot with other people in their group and whether this is a fault with the game.

This isn’t anything you need to be concerned about. The ability to trade gear with your friends isn’t available at launch but is a feature of the game that will be introduced post-launch. This was revealed in a post on the Ubisoft blog that also detailed more information on the post-launch content coming to the game.

The hotly anticipated feature will come as part of the Incursions update due in April. The Incursions update will also bring an end-game activity which has been specially designed for squad play. This will challenge teams of four players to face incredibly tough enemies, but offers high-level loot as a reward. Count us in! The Incursions update is free for all player, however there are three paid expansions bringing a whole host of different content all coming later on in the year. The first of these expansions, Underground, is due to release in June.

So fear not fellow Agents! We shall be able to trade loot with our friends soon enough. In the meantime, you can check out our The Division Wiki for all kinds of helpful tips, tricks, and guides to get the most out of the game.


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