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Destiny’s Prison of Elders Makes a Comeback In April Update; Drops New 335 Light Gear

Prison of Elders Destiny

Destiny’s Prison of Elders Makes a Comeback In April Update; Drops New 335 Light Gear

Return to the Prison of Elders, yes?

Bungie revealed today during their PvE focused April Update stream, that the Prison of Elders and The Reef will be making a comeback on April 12 when the update is released. The storyline will be focused on The Reef’s rebuilding effort following the defeat of Oryx.

Our old pal Variks is concerned about the void left by Oryx’s defeat and the potential rise of a new threat. While guardians will be learning about this new Taken threat via a new quest line leading up to a new strike which was also revealed in the stream, Variks also wants guardians to study imprisoned Taken in the Prison of Elders.

The Prison of Elders will receive a new level 41 base version which will begin at 260 light, and will also include a new mode called, Challenge of the Elders, which will feature a scorecard that may remind players of the Trials of Osiris.

The 41 version will bring back to the treasure room, which can be opened without keys as many times as guardians want.  The Challenge of the Elders won’t, but instead of luck, will reward players with new high level gear.

Challenge of the Elders will start at 320 light and will help players get to a new high of 335 light. Fireteams will be challenged to rack up high scores by taking advantage of certain modifiers each week.  Players will need to be quick though. The quicker you can run through the new rooms, the more points you will get.

A new reward, Sterling Treasure will also be obtainable weekly from the new Prison of Elders, but Bungie told viewers that details on that new treasure/currency will have to wait until next week’s gear focused stream. Also, there will be weekly bounties for players to take on and complete in the Prison of Elders.

Are you excited about the April Update? Let us know in the comments!

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