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David Hayter Confirms He Is Not Working on a New Metal Gear Game

Old Snake Metal Gear Solid

David Hayter Confirms He Is Not Working on a New Metal Gear Game

At least he didn’t leave fans in the dark.

Last week, David Hayter, best known as the voice of Snake/Big Boss in the Metal Gear series tweeted out a vague teaser for additional voice work. Despite fan speculation that Hayter is involved in the Metal Gear franchise again, he has confirmed in an interview with MetalGearCentral (via GamingBolt) that he is not working on any new project.

“People got very excited, which is great and I appreciate that. It’s not a new Metal Gear game and it’s not a, as many people suspected, a Konami Pachinko set up. But I was in the booth, given a script. Paul Eiding and I played the Colonel and Snake for a little thing which I am really happy about. I was sort of teasing out there because it was kind of cool to be back in the booth recording Snake again particularly with Paul but people shouldn’t get too excited about it, the return of Metal Gear Solid or anything like that.”

Unfortunately, this may be upsetting news to some. Let us know how badly you want Hayter to return to Metal Gear below.

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