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Watch Star Wars’ Darth Maul Ruthlessly Fight Jedi in This Great Fan Film


Watch Star Wars’ Darth Maul Ruthlessly Fight Jedi in This Great Fan Film

The fan film has millions of views in only 5 days.

A Star Wars short fan film called Apprentice starring Darth Maul has received over 4.5 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube but five days ago. The film, seen below, runs about 18 minutes and follows Darth Maul after he is tracked down by a group of six Jedi. Though not an official creation, fans have praised it for its true to lore aesthetic, fast paced fight choreography and strong visual effects.

The film hits many of the notes that helped make Star Wars: The Force Awakens so successful. It features real locations, varied environments, a diverse cast, stylish cinematography and editing, and practical effects. The film is obviously aided by its titular character, Darth Maul, looking so true to his character’s aesthetic. This was achieved in part thanks to Defcon Unlimited providing costumes, special hair and make up and stunts, as well as the four to five hours it took each day for actor and cosplayer Ben Schamma to apply his make up.

Production on Apprentice started in September 2014. The film was shot mostly in Eifel, Germany, with the exception of a couple scenes being filmed in Brunnsummerheide, Netherlands, and it took 18 days to shoot. Writer, Producer and Director Shawn Bu and crew released a behind the scenes documentary, completely in German with no subtitles and available here, chronicling their time in production from 2014 to 2015.

You can check out more information on the production here.

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This post was originally written by Drake Lupton.

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