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Dark Souls III’s Japanese Launch Trailer is Very Spoiler-Heavy


Dark Souls III’s Japanese Launch Trailer is Very Spoiler-Heavy

Don’t give up, skeleton!

As you might be well aware, Dark Souls III will be officially launching in Japan in just under 12 hours. In preparation for its release, From Software has released a Japanese launch trailer for the game. The good news is, it looks awesome. The music, graphics, and fluid gameplay all come together very well. However, it’s also full of spoilers for what I’m assuming is mid-game stuff, and also shows off tons of enemies that he haven’t seen in any previously released footage.

If you wish to experience the game completely blind, I highly suggest avoiding watching this trailer at all costs, as it showcases some characters and enemies that raise some questionable lore implications. If you’re too overwhelmed by the hype and can’t go another 20 days without some new information and footage to watch, the trailer is right below.

Looks like skeletons have been confirmed for this game.

Dark Souls III is set to be released on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be released in Japan on March 24.

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