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Dark Souls III Glitch Lets You Duplicate Any Item

dark souls III

Dark Souls III Glitch Lets You Duplicate Any Item

Praise the sun!

Dark Souls III is already out in Japan and fans have begun a whole new adventure which will no doubt see them die countless times. Those who are having a tough time with the game may be interested to learn that a glitch has been discovered which allows players to duplicate items.

A Dark Souls III player recently discovered the glitch and uploaded a video to YouTube. However, they does not show you how to duplicate the items so you’ll need to figure that out for yourself. The player no doubt did this in order to stop people glitching their way through the game. What the video does show, however, is the player having large numbers of the same items in their inventory.

The glitch will probably be patched very soon but this might be a lucky break for those who find out how to do it. Dark Souls III is yet to be released in the west but can be played by those who’ve imported the game or by Xbox One owners who download the game from the Japanese Xbox Live Store.

Dark Souls III is due to be officially released in the West on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on April 12.

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