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Dark Souls 3 Amazon Pre-Order Deliveries Delayed

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Dark Souls 3 Amazon Pre-Order Deliveries Delayed

A PSA for those who pre-ordered the game on Amazon.

Heads up for any and all out there who may have pre-ordered Dark Souls 3 on Amazon: Your arrival will be delayed. The news comes from Reddit, where one such person who pre-ordered the game noticed the delay in their order. A representative got in touch with them shortly after, and confirmed that there is no delivery day shipping for Dark Souls 3.

After this all went down, others have checked, and their orders are delayed as well. Membership specifics were quickly figured out; whether you have Prime or not, it’s still affected, as the initial case was a Prime user.

Emails were sent out after the order updated and the representative was contacted. For those who want to play the game day one, you may want to consider cancelling the pre-order and pre-ordering it somewhere else. The official release date for Dark Souls 3 is April 12 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. That’s a full month away, so you have time to make the necessary arrangements where needed.

Further details can be provided by getting in touch with Amazon, and in any emails about your orders that you may receive.

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This post was originally written by Tanner Fugate.

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