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Black Desert Online: How to Take Screenshots and Use the Camera

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Black Desert Online: How to Take Screenshots and Use the Camera

Strike a pose.

Black Desert Online is a very pretty game, there’s no doubt about it. You couldn’t be blamed for wanting to take hundreds of gorgeous screenshots as you made your way through its fantasy world. Yet you may have come across a few issues. The camera gets in your way, there’s all of that information on the screen, and the filter just isn’t right. Don’t worry, though, there’s ways to deal with all of that.

Below we’ve listed all the controls you’ll need to become a master photographer in Black Desert Online:

  • Disable UI: Ctrl + U
  • Move Camera View: Arrow Keys
  • Adjust Focus: Ctrl + Arrow Key Up, Ctrl + Arrow Key Down
  • Adjust Field of View (FOV): Shift + Arrow Key Up, Shift + Arrow Key Down
  • Tilt Camera: Shift + Arrow Key Left, Shift + Arrow Key Right
  • Color Filters: Ctrl + Shift+ Arrow Key Up, Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key Down
  • Grain and Vignette: Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key Left, Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key Right
  • Slow Motion: U
  • Take A Screenshot: Prt Sc

These controls will help you to take the most stunning shots whether you’re looking out over a forest or in the heat of battle. No more basic pics for you, time to make a new Instagram account just for your new model.


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