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Beacon Officially Revealed in Fast-Paced Trailer


Beacon Officially Revealed in Fast-Paced Trailer

Beacon reveal trailer shows off the fast-paced, top-down gameplay.

There’s a special place in many hearts out there for top-down shooter games. Many kinds have been made, and have brought about countless amounts of fun over the years. Today, indie developer Monothetic showed off their new game, Beacon, in a reveal trailer complete with gameplay footage and some catchy music. Beacon is a sci-fi, top-down shooter that strands on a dangerous, alien planet. The goal of the game is to find your distress beacon while exploring the alien world, killing enemies along the way. Sounds simple enough, but Beacon throws a very interesting mechanic twist in there with its DNA system. When you kill enemies, you collect their DNA. This DNA can be used upon death to alter your character’s stats, and sometimes completely mutate the character, allowing for different types of runs and strategies through the game, and serving up plenty of variety to go along with it. Its visual style and top-down gameplay evokes a bit of Transistor, to give you an idea.

The game will be ‘coming soon,’ as the trailer cryptically states. Judging from the gameplay footage, it seems to be coming along nicely. Beacon will be available for PC, Mac, and Xbox One, although future platforms may be possible.

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This post was originally written by Tanner Fugate.

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