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Axiom Verge is Hitting The Vita in April


Axiom Verge is Hitting The Vita in April

On the verge of release.

Axiom Verge, the sci-fi Metroidvania game developed mostly by one man, has a release date on the PlayStation Vita – Apr. 19th.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, developer Tom Happ recounted the development of the long-awaited Vita port of the game. The game was announced for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita originally and released Mar. 31st last year on the former system, while the handheld version remained in limbo.

Now, a year on, the game not only has a release date on the PS Vita, but is also coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U.

As Happ reminisces about the game’s first year on his blog post, he explains the troubles that led to the PS Vita version taking so long to release. Happ also reiterates that Axiom Verge is part of Sony’s Cross-Buy initiative, so if you bought it already on the PS4, you’ll have it for free on the Vita.

Both versions of the game will be 10% off on the PS Store for the first week after the Vita version launches.

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