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All the New Details for The Division’s First Incursion

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All the New Details for The Division’s First Incursion

Sharpen your teeth on the hardest content headed to post-apacolyptic New York.

Called Falcon Lost, the first Incursion will come to The Division April 12.

Speaking during a livestream showcasing the update, Ubisoft Massive revealed plenty of new details about the endgame activity. Set underground, it will place players against the remains of the LMB, the hardest faction of enemies in the game. While offering the best rewards in the game, it’s also, by far, the hardest content.

Incursions will have two difficulty modes, like the rest of the endgame content. The lower difficulty will likely require the equivalent of full high-end level 31 gear. The harder difficulty will likely require the new gear sets that are being added in the same update. If that wasn’t enough, there also won’t be checkpoints. If your team fails, you have to start over.

Discussing the new content, the developer noted that good gear won’t necessarily be enough. Players will have to consider setting up loadouts that work together between all the members of the team, coordination, and what are promised to be “unique ingredients” that call for solid tactics, and a high degree of focus over a long period of time.

To keep things interesting, the Falcon Lost incursion features a whole new story piece and location. As players go through multiple times, the dialogue will also change from one time to the next. Players will be encouraged to do the incursion multiple times as it will give rewards every time though, while giving extra rewards your first time each week.

As we learn more about The Division’s future, you’ll find it all right here on Twinfinite.

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